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Endangered Trolls offers multiple advertising packages and options that can perfectly suit your individual needs.

Retail Store Advertising

I offer highly targeted niche advertising on my blog. My readers are modular jewellery enthusiasts and collectors. As such, advertising at Endangered Trolls is the perfect way to gain recognition for your store among the most dedicated of the target market.

Should you be interested in advertising at Endangered Trolls, please contact me via email at endangeredtrolls (at) gmail (dot) com to discuss your specific requirements.

I offer a variety of advertising options, ranging from stand alone sponsored articles, side bar adverts and even dedicated retailer or brand pages.

Advertising for Brands

You may have an amazing product but good exposure is required to make a brand become truly popular.

At Endangered Trolls, I aim to blog about the best the modular and fashion jewellery market has to offer. If you represent a brand interested in generating additional exposure for your product, featuring here is a possibility. With a large reader base comprising of jewellery enthusiasts, your product will be featured alongside some of the largest names in this market. In addition, I’m active on all major social networking platforms for further brand exposure.

If you’re interested in discussing this further, please contact me via email at endangeredtrolls (at) gmail (dot) com.

Please be aware that supplying products for consideration does not guarantee a positive review. I also retain the right to decline products entirely should I believe they would neither interest my readers nor meet a minimum standard that I would expect.